Registration FAQs
  •  Application
    •  How do I know if I am considered an internal or external applicant?

        Internal employees are individuals who currently work for the Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB). If you currently substitute, you are also considered an internal applicant. 

    •  How do I access my Employee ID number to sign in to the Employee Access Center to apply for jobs?

        If you do not know your employee ID number, contact your site level attendance staff member, call (337) 217-4040 ext. 2021/2012 or (337) 217-4060 or email to obtain.

    •  Do I have to reapply each time I see a job posting I am interested in?

        Yes. Your account will save your original application information and it can be updated and edited each time you choose to submit an application. If you apply for more than one job type (i.e. substitute teacher and bus driver), you will have different questions that must be answered.

    •  What if I do not have access to a scanner?

        Calcasieu Parish Public libraries have both computers and scanners available for public use. If there is a required document for your application and you have no way to scan and upload it, you may bring the document to the personnel department in person for someone to assist you with scanning it.

    •  Can I submit the information to begin my background check electronically?

        Yes. When you log in to the application portal, on the left column you will find "Employment Procedure".

        Click that link for instructions and the required form to have you registered for a background check. In addition to completing the Civil Scan Form, you must also upload a legible copy of a current state issued ID or Driver’s License. Email these items to You will receive an email from the personnel department when your information has been registered with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and at that time you may report to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office with $54.25 cash or money order.  See the Employment Procedure form on the portal for additional information regarding Sheriff’s Office hours and location. We recommend completing the procedure within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email from our office.

    •  What jobs require resumes and cover letters?

        Positions requiring a resume and cover letter include, though not limited to, the following positions:
          o Clerical
          o Teachers
          o Administrative
          o All positions requiring certification (i.e. nurse, speech therapist, etc.)
        The job posting for a position will alert the applicant if a resume and cover letter is required for specific positions.

    •  How can I sign up to receive notifications of new job postings?

        When you log in to the recruitment portal, click "Posting Notifications" on the left. Click the box near "Notify me of new postings". At that time you will have the option to select Position Type and/or School/Location for the types of postings you would like to be notified. Click SAVE at the bottom right.

    •  What if I have been terminated from CPSB? Can I reapply later?

        No. Employees who have been terminated for reasons other than inactivity are ineligible for rehire

    •  If I was fingerprinted for a previous position, when does it expire?

        • If employed, with the exception of Head Start employees, your fingerprint results do not expire.

        • If employed as a substitute you must work at least one day during the current year to remain an active employee. If you fail to work during the course of that year you will be terminated due to inactivity. You will need to go through the fingerprint process again if you choose to work for the CPSB again.

        • If employed and you resign from your current position, your fingerprints will remain active for 90 days. You may apply for other positions within the 90 day period.

    •  How long does it take to do the background check?

        In most cases, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office completes background checks within 5 business days. Applicants are to contact the Personnel Department at (337) 217-4040, ext. 2021 or 2012, after five days to check the status. It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up with the CPSB Personnel Department regarding the background check and next steps.

    •  What prevents me from being hired?

        Failure of any portion of the pre-employment process such as background check, physical (if required), etc. will prevent an applicant from being hired.

    •  What is the exact time a job posting closes?

        Job postings that contain a closing date will close at the end of that date at 11:59 p.m. Job postings that state "Open Until Filled" will remain open.

    •  Can I update my account if my personal information changes?

        Yes, once logged in to the recruitment site, select "My Profile" to the left. Make necessary changes and click SAVE at the bottom right.

    •  What if I already turned in a paper application to the Personnel Department?

        If you are still seeking employment with the Calcasieu Parish School Board as of June 1, 2018, you will need to complete an online application.

    •  What are the Personnel Department office hours?

        The CPSB Personnel Department

        summer hours are 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. The office is closed 12:00 – 1:00 pm for lunch during summer hours. Wednesday, Aug. 1, normal office hours will resume, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. The office is closed 12:00 – 12:45 pm for lunch.

    •  What are the Personnel Department office policies?


        • Personnel Department employees will be available to assist during normal office hours.

        Applicants are assisted on a first come, first served basis.

        • Copies can be made for $.25/page, if needed.

    •  Can I complete an online application in the Personnel Department?

        Yes. There are two kiosk computers in the lobby area of the Personnel Department that can be used by individuals to complete an online application.

  •  IT Related Questions
    •  What browsers work with the Applicant Portal?

        Internet Explorer version 10 above, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

        However Internet Explorer 11 works the best.

    •  I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve it?
        Forgot Username:
        Click the link "Forgot Username" at the bottom left of the page. Enter your email address of the account you register on this site into the box. Your Username information will be sent to your email address. 
        Forgot Password:
        Click the link "Forgot Password" at the bottom left of the page. Enter your username into the box and answer your security question. A new password will be sent to your email address. 
    •  Can I apply from a smartphone?

        Yes, applications can be accessed and submitted from smartphones provided you have internet access.

    •  What types of documentations can I upload?

        PDF documents are preferred. You can also upload the JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TXT files. Currently, Microsoft Word is NOT acceptable. Please save your word document as a pdf file to upload.

    •  When completing my online application, my screen freezes when I am attempting to add my work history or education history. How can this be fixed?
        • Some browsers do not handle this feature and will cause the screen to freeze.  If the browser you are using is not cooperating, try using a different browser such as Internet Explorer version 10 or above. 
        • Another option is to click the far right side bar and scroll down to the bottom of the page and then back up.  At that time, the option to “Add” or “Close” is available.  Click add if there are additional entries or close to return to the main application page.